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Sounds of Kentucky is a Kentucky Derby Souvenir CD. Featuring the only digital recording in existence of the "Call to the Post", the start for all horse races, by Angela Bartley. The CD includes songs about Kentucky by Kentucky Artists. The CD is a favorite for Derby Parties!

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Hear a portion of the song from the movie Gonzo: The life and works of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson:

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A world tour of traditional lullabies from a variety of cultures. The tracks are simple and intimate performed on a number of instruments with light vocals.
The traditional "Frere Jacques" is translated in 10 languages, to aid a child's development of foreign language. A soft trumpet solo gives Brahms’ Lullaby a jazzy twist. Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral is played on authentic Irish instruments. The collection also includes favorites from 12 different countries, such as "Kumbabya" (Congo) and "All Through the Night" (Wales). Other beautiful worldly sounding tracks can also be heard.


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